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How should I use the listing of FDIC properties?

The listing of FDIC real estate is intended to provide interested parties with preliminary information only. This list is not a solicitation of offers and does not constitute an offer to sell. The information is provided for the purpose of inviting further inquiry and has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable.

I am interested in a few FDIC properties off the current listing. How do I find out more information relating to those FDIC properties?

Each property will have acontact name and phone number. The contact name will either be an individual from an FDIC office or an individual associated with the sales initiative (e.g. auction company, real estate broker). If a property information package ("PIP") has been prepared on a particular property, it can be obtained from this individual.  Obtain an FDIC property contact list today!

How often is the listing of FDIC properties updated?

It is the FDIC's intent to update the listing of properties by close of business each Monday. Therefore, with the volatile nature of the real estate business, it is important to contact the individual associated with a particular property to find out if the property is still available since the last update. Get in on the best FDIC deals ASAP before someone else gets your bargain dream home.

What is the condition of properties sold from FDIC?

All properties are sold in an "AS IS" condition. The FDIC makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation, expressed or implied as to the location, quality, kind, character, size, description, or fitness for any use or purpose, now or hereafter.

How is the listed price established?

Listed prices are established by a variety of factors including independent appraisals, brokers' opinion of value and current market conditions. All prices are subject to change without notice. Get in before they change their mind and raise the price!

How do I pay for FDIC properties?

Seller financing may be available to qualified buyers on residential properties with a minimum purchase price of $500,000 or those sold as affordable housing, and on all commercial and land properties, regardless of price. Specific sale terms and conditions can be obtained from the individual assigned to market the property. Check for the great government property auctions with FDIC deals near you, they're everywhere!

Once an offer is submitted on fdic property, how is my offer evaluated?

A number of criteria are considered when evaluating offers from prospective purchasers of FDIC property. These include, but are not limited to, net funds received after deducting brokerage commissions and sale expenses, and payment terms considered in light of the applicant's credit worthiness and ability to perform. The FDIC reserves the right to accept, reject or counter any submitted offer. While reviewing such offers, the FDIC further reserves the right to continue its sales efforts, including responding to any inquires or offers to purchase the property. Get an offer in now on FDIC properties, click here!

How can I have my name added to the fdic realestate mailing list?

>The FDIC does not maintain a mailing list! Click here to find out how to get FDIC property for a bargain!

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