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Government surplus bargains abound at auctions – everything from tools, vehicles, computers and buildings are available at any given time. When the government stocks too much of any give item, it needs to liquidate like any organization. The government surplus becomes available to the general public for purchase – typically through government surplus auctions

The government performs so many services, the items available for sale at a government surplus auction come from many different departments – law enforcement, public works, libraries and housing are just a few of the government agencies with diverse missions- and a multitude of items that find their way to government surplus sales

fleet vehicle Government surplus auctions

Some of the most popular government surplus vehicles are the result of routine updating of the government fleet. These vehicles are often well maintained by government mechanics, and are routinely retired at a specific mileage. Other times, seizure vehicles replace existing vehicles, resulting in a government surplus. These vehicles can be Jeeps, SUVs, high-capacity diesel hauler, dump trucks – even police cars and an occasional fire engine. Government surplus auctions are certain to have a vehicle to meet your needs. You need to find out where to the next government surplus auctions will be held.

Government Surplus office equipment

Government surplus office supplies include everything from computer systems to desk organizers, spools of Cat-V and commercial grade furniture. The government surplus is created when more money is allocated to a budget, enabling the government agency to upgrade its equipment. Depending on the branch of government, surplus is created every year or once in a blue moon. With tax revenue down, government surplus items are being auctioned to raise funds, where in the past, some departments used to simply give away unneeded surplus to another agency. This means government surplus auctions have more items available to the general public than ever before. Find out  more information on great government surplus auctions in your area today!

agencies losing funding send assets to government surplus auctions

The same way departments receive funding every year, and their budgets allot for upgrade, some agencies lose their funding altogether. The inventory associated with the agency becomes government surplus and is available for you to bid on. For instance, if a Senior Care program dedicated to assisting Senior Citizens at home is disbanded, the lawn mowers, paint supplies, rakes, and mulchers are likely to surface at a government surplus sale. In that case, you could start your own lawn care maintenance business on a shoestring – all courtesy of a government surplus auction! If you want to learn more about government surplus auction inventory, check here.

government surplus auctions save businesses money

Do you have a business? Waiting room and side chairs, end tables and brochure racks are popular government surplus auction items. These high-quality furniture pieces often sell for pennies on the dollar – with all the money you save buying government surplus, you can have them reupholstered for a custom look and still save hundreds over buying new! Window coverings, office furniture, rug runners, desks, chairs, and even supply closets – if a division of the government uses it, you can be certain to find it at a government surplus auction! Have a business? Start making money by saving money with government surplus auctions.

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Some of the more common auction items include:

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