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US POSTAL- Damaged and Unclaimed Items

Auctions of damaged or unclaimed items are held periodically at each Recovery Center Auctions usually start at 10:00 am and bidders may view the merchandise one-hour before the actual bidding process begins. Merchandise is sold in lots and not by individual item. Catalogs may be purchased for a nominal fee on the day of the sale. Click here for more information.

When Things Get Lost In The Mail They Go Up ForAuction

Mail machines routinely damage packaging, leaving the contents separated from the address of the sender or recipient. Sometimes the address is illegible, or the label has fallen off. In any event, the Post Office places all these items – books, clothes, art, jewelry, and home décor items – in bins and hangs onto them until auction day. You can then bid on every sort of goody imaginable. You buy the Post Office’s bin of lost merchandise. Keep the items you want, and resell the rest on E-bay. At prices this cheap, you can just give it away if you want! Get started at Post Office auctions now. Click here!

Post Office Unclaimed Property Auctions Just Has Model Cars

My letter carrier couldn’t deliver that Ferrari to me. She just couldn’t fit it in my mailbox. And that is the limitation of all sorts of things we want to mail – they are just too big. If it can’t be mailed, it won’t show up at a Post Office unclaimed property auction. Large items do surface – rugs whose shipping labels have become detached, or disassembled furniture in large boxes, but no Aston Martin. The only way to get a Porsche at a Post Office unclaimed property auction is if it is screen printed on a mug or T-shirt, or if it is a model car. But there are other great deals. Click here to find Post Office auction deals nearest you!

Good Things DO Come In Small (Mail) Packages

OK. So the Ferrari wouldn’t come in the mail, but think about all the jewelry that gets misdirected. That mad fiancée with a broken engagement is inclined to mail that diamond engagement back to her former betrothed. If it gets lost, YOU can buy it at an unclaimed property auction sponsored by our friends at the United States Postal Service. That’s not all. Tennis bracelets, loose precious stones, watches, necklaces, pendants, and earrings by top-notch designers at Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Zales and even our friends at Wal-Mart and K-Mart. The only way to get better designer goods at a low price is to attend a tax cheat auction! Mom was right. Good things DO come in small packages, and the US Postal Service sometimes loses them! To find your diamond in a haystack, click here!

The US Postal Service Auction Services Deliver Savings

You never know what you are going to find at a US Postal Service auction. So make it a day – bring a friend, a couple of bucks, and lots of room in the car for all the bargains you can haul home! Start bargain hunting here – click now to find a deal near you!

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Some of the more common auction items include:

used autosmarine vehiclesjet skisaircraftshomesreal estatecommercial propertyfarm equipmentindustrialbusinesselectronicscomputersantiquesartcoinsstampsappliancesgunstravelcollectiblesclothingcraftsboatsbikesmotorcyclesmobile homesjewelrytoyscarstrucksmopedsbicyclescamerastelevisionsclocksfurnitureunclaimed propertyabandoned propertypersonal propertyoffice furniturecondominiumstown homescommercial propertyvacant landsingle family homesmachinerytoolshardwarebuilding supplies

and much, much more...




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